Ribbon Rose Wrist Corsage

Ribbon Rose Wrist Corsage — say that five times fast!

I’m long past my Prom days, but I do believe that we need more reasons to wear flowers — in our hair, on lapels and the ever-lovely corsage. But fresh flowers do have a more ‘Weddings and Proms’ sort of vibe, so I’ve created a ribbon wrist corsage that you can wear anytime and with anything from a little-black-dress to jeans and a t-shirt.

This is an easy project that you really will use for years to come.  To make it, all you need are a few coordinating ribbons, some beads, and a needle & thread.  It’s perfect for a Mother’s Day gift, birthday present, or to keep for yourself.  And, best of all, no pimply boys sticking you with pins!

My finished corsage

Starting from the top layer, here’s how to make the corsage/bracelet.

Choose ribbon that’s not too slippery, and not too thin. My beige ribbon is 5/8″ wide cotton, 16″ long. If you are using wider ribbon, start with a longer piece. 1-1/2″ ribbon requires about a 30″ piece. Don’t use wire-edged ribbon for this part. You also want to have the same color thread already threaded in your needle, with a knot at the end, and have some coordinating seed beads handy. Don’t skip this preparation step… you’ll regret it in a minute if you do!

Just so you have enough, start with about 16″ of ribbon, find the middle, and create a 45° fold.  Like this:


Then turn down the top, so that top point is pointing down.


Then flip the entire thing over, like you’re turning a page, so you’re now looking at the back, and it looks like this:


Take the tail on the right and fold it over to the left.


It will look like this:


Then take the bottom tail, and fold it up… like this:


Fold that tail on the left over to the right, like this:


See a pattern forming?  You’re creating little box folds.  Keep doing it for about 12 to 15 times.  Your ribbon will look like this:


Be sure to hold the bottom securely, and let your ribbon expand out like this:


Now the fun part! Still holding the bottom layer with your left hand, gently pull one of the tails (it doesn’t matter which one).  Keep the bottom secure, but let the ribbon slide through… the top will sort of collapse down to your left hand.

Holding and pulling… gently…

Keep going…

STOP!  (Don’t pull too far and ruin all your work.)  Magic!  You have a little rose. Look how cute!


Now we have to secure the cutie-pie. This is where you need your pre-threaded needle. Grab that, and start to make little stitches from the back to hold your folds in place.

Back of your tiny cute rose

Make sure the stitches go through all layers of ribbon. Then bring some stitches from front to back and add a sparkle of seed bead.

I put about ten stitches in my rose, just to make sure it doesn’t move. Trim your ends on a diagonal.

Finished Rose

Next step is the satin flower base. Simple. Really.

I’ve got 8″ of single faced satin ribbon, 1-1/2″ wide. Stitch together the short ends, shiny (right) sides together, knot.


Next, along one of the long sides of the ribbon, create some gathering stitches — about 1/4″ long, with a knot at ONE end.


Next you’re going to gather that one side.  Gently pull that thread tightly…


Once the gathering thread is tight, you can secure it in place with a couple stitches.


Here’s that pretty flower…


A little greenery as a base (this ribbon has a wire edge, so it stays put.).

Then I finished off the ends of my velvet base ribbon with velcro (Velvet ribbon 1-1/2″ wide, 7-1/4″ long).


Stitch all the flower layers together on the base ribbon, and you’re done!  I added a vintage brooch to the end, to make the back look more finished, and the weight of the brooch keeps the flower from twirling around to the back of my wrist.

I must say, I think it’s beautiful, and I wear mine A LOT.  Of course, you can use the same flower-making techniques for hair ribbons and handbags.  Make something beautiful. Enjoy!

5 thoughts on “Ribbon Rose Wrist Corsage

  1. Lil' Mrs. Butterfly Kisses

    sorry, this was meant for your post about glue, I commented on the wrong post! :\ oh well, at least you know. By the way, your site is amazing, I hope that when I get to crafting on my blog I’ll be able to come up with stuff as amazing as yours!
    ~Lil’ Mrs. S

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