I hope some of you have had the opportunity to see my appearance on Home and Family on the Hallmark Channel.  I’m thrilled to have the chance to demonstrate one of my favorite crafts on the show.  If you missed it, there is some video below from my show, The Tamara Twist.

These wine glass shades are one of my all-time fave decor/entertaining crafts.  These shades add color, texture, dimension as well as illumination to a table.  They’re possibilities for endless creativity, and quite frankly, I just love candles.

These were all made using this template (click here for template.) You can reduce or enlarge it to fit your glasses.

This one was made by cutting the paper along the outlines of the floral design, then curling out the edges.

This one has a garland of freshwater pearls stitched along the edge.  Very pretty, very fancy.  I am a jewelry designer, after all.

Stamped and embossed shade on vellum.

Hand cut leaf shade, with hand pressed veins.

Here is my original post on the shades.  Enjoy, and make something beautiful!