Happy New Year everyone! 2012 was pretty good to me, and I’m filled with anticipation to see the gifts and blessings that this new year holds.

A while ago,  I wrote a blog and created a video demonstrating how to make tiny chairs from champagne cages.  You can find that blog here:

Click here to see my latest Champagne themed video… crafts, food, trivia, great stuff!

Bubbly Bistro Chairs

Since then, I’ve found out some things I thought you’d like.  It turns out that the wine-cork-holder-inner-thingambob is indeed called a cage, but is more formally and properly known as a muselet.  It comes from the French museler, “to muzzle.”

I read (and talked about in my video) that it’s important to pay attention while turning/opening the muselet.  I was told that if it takes 5-1/2 or more turns to open the cage, you’re getting quality wine.   Well, it appears that the 5-1/2 turns thing is a bit of a myth… I haven’t tested this theory, but read that ALL champagne takes 6 turns (6 half-turns, or 3 full-turns) to open.

Chairs in a line

Regardless, enjoy your celebrations.  If you want to wow your friends, or create a pretty keepsake from a fete, you can learn how to make champagne cage chairs here.  This year I added some beads, to make a little more sparkle.  There’s also a bench and a chandelier.  Champagne cage chandelier, imagine that!

Chairs with rug

I hope you have a beautiful 2013, filled with laughter and love, music and joy, peace and adventure. For more in depth info on muselets (and champagne, for that matter!) you might visit here:


Click here to see my original blog on Bubbly Bistro Chairs.  Happy New Year, and happy creating!

Chairs with chandelier