P1030693Bonus St. Patrick’s day post… a cookie!

The Irish are known to bring us the promise of a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, so this is a good not-entirely-green cookie that can commemorate the day.  But it can just as easily be made for a child’s birthday, a spring party, or anytime a lucky or happy symbol is needed.


Rainbow cookies

I got the idea from polymer clay canes, and the process is similar.  You can use any cookie dough that’s easily formed into a log.  I used my brown sugar shortbread recipe, click here.

I doubled the recipe, and made two logs shapes for my batch of rainbows.  Here’s how:


Portion your dough into 6 pieces, each one a bit larger than the last.

In a bowl, color each portion with paste food coloring, starting with the smallest, from purple, to blue, then green, yellow, orange and finally, red.  Begin by mixing color into dough with a fork, and knead by hand if you find it easier.



Take the purple piece of dough, and form it into a small log, about 4 inches long.

Next, on a floured board, roll out the blue dough into a rectangle the length of the purple log, and wide enough to encircle it.  Place the purple log on top, and roll the blue around it.


Continue the process with the different colors of dough, rolling each into progressively larger rectangles, until the log contains all the colors.



Don’t worry if the log seems to get too thick, as when working with clay, you can roll it to a thinner diameter after all the layers are in place.


Next, roll the log in coarse sugar, and refrigerate for at least 30 minutes.


Slice in 1/4″ to 3/8″ thick slices, then cut in half, and bake per the recipe’s instructions.



Whatever the occasion, enjoy!