Food Geek.  Craft Maniac.  Celebration Enthusiast.  Lifestyle Wiz.

I hail from a long line of artists, craftspeople and an eclectic mix of do-it-yourselfers.  They instilled in me resourcefulness and a deep appreciation for style and substance.


An entrepreneur, photographer, designer, global traveler, seamstress and cook, I was the go-to kid on my block who taught the other kids how to start a lemonade stand, marketed my weeding and babysitting services, and delivered floral arrangements on May Day.  I started my first business, a craft boutique, at age 10.

More recently, I created Tamara Jewelry, and my collections can be found in fashionable stores from small boutiques to chic department stores.  I’ve also been seen on television shows on HGTV, the Hallmark Channel and the DIY Network as a featured designer, and am host and designer of Plum and Verdigris, a jewelry making show on  And you can catch me on PBS on my show, The Tamara Twist. Check out my YouTube channel here.



Although based in Los Angeles, my job as designer takes me all over the world from trendy London to old-world Prague to exotic Shanghai.  There I search for antique medals, fobs and lockets, which I transform into hip, new creations.  My jewelry has been seen on many a red carpet, worn by celebrities ranging from Angelina Jolie to Lisa Loeb and Melissa Reeves to Maria Menounos.

4 Responses to “Home”

  1. xhoofer Says:

    it’s blogalicious.

  2. saru Says:

    hi there,
    just was going thru your site and abt yrself.
    nice to know u tamara.
    good day

  3. BadWitch Says:

    Hi Tamara! I bought a necklace from you waayy back in the day when I woke up from a nap and saw one of the ET ladies wearing it. I contacted you and you guys sent it to me. Check out my blog for advice. xoxo – BadWitch

  4. Teri Smyth Says:

    Yep. Tamara. You are über talented. Love love love your jewelry!
    I’m a fan

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